Transportation means much more to BR Williams than the movement of freight over the roadways. It’s a comprehensive set of services designed to enhance your profitability. We take pride in the service we provide. We know that our customers are depending on us to be on time, every time while maintaining a level of standards and quality they expect. Our goal is to move freight from one location to the next in the safest, fastest, and most economical way possible.
Our road services travel to all contiguous 48 states and Canada. Our fleet contains technology advanced tractors and trailers that undergo a rigorous maintenance schedule, including an inspection each time they return to the terminal. We have over 160 trucks that drive over 15 million miles annually. We are a family owned company and know that our families are on the road and safety is our number one driving force. We only hire drivers that have over one year experience and are at least twenty three years to ensure that they have the experience it takes to get into one of our trucks displaying our name .
We are a regional and long haul driving company and we promise to take care of your product like it is our own. We have been a family owned company for over 50 years and we strive to be the best on the road and off of the road.